Monday, 18 April 2011

VolksFront Australia, outcast by the all mighty hammerskins, they were forbidden to set foot out side New South Wales because big bad Doug was a race traitor. Poor dougy. Chris Smith, white brace, blue shirt, front row is also a believer in the Creativity Movement, led by his greatness, Rev. Patrick O'sullivan from Melbounre. Oh and lets not leave Andrew Wilson out of this, the bloke in the skivvy to the right of Chris with his arm around Andy. Andrew Wilson is a supporter of VolksFront but also with Klub Nation, Jason Raftey's moronic organisation. Moronic you say? They have spent near $20,000 producing their own Klub Nation currency out of silver coins. My point exactly. VolksFront love having a concert or two with C18 (combat 18), you know those guys that shot a mosque in WA but never dream of getting caught, yeah them. Bunch of smart fellows aren't they. But then again who has ever heard of an intelligent nazi.


  1. Hey faggot , how long until you're found out ????

    You can expose me if you like , my name is Nick , a member of the Souther Cross Hammerskins .

    I used to live in QLD but am now residing in VIC .

    You can pass whatever you like onto the authorities , like I expect you to .
    But I don't give a fuck :) You are worth prison time !

    Have fun while it lasts , cause you all get exposed in the end .

    P.S How about you man up and tell us who you are .

  2. His name is chris, he lives in Melbourne, he's Ex B&H